Australia: History of Australia: Discover the major events that shaped the history of Australia

Written by James Walker
Category: · Children’s Books · History

Australia is the land where opportunity knocks for everyone, no matter who you are, Australia is open and ready for you to create your own lifestyle and live your dreams.

This book gives a brief history of how the Australian multicultural society was formed and gives a glimpse of what made it one of the safest, freest and cleanest nations in the world.

Australia is a huge multi-racial country with a rich native heritage and a modern young culture. You will find it stimulating from the delicious restaurant and café dining to the live music that’s influenced by many cultures that makes Australia home.
Its varied and interesting population is made up from a diverse mixture of different people of all ages, races, colors, beliefs and religions. This wonderful country has so much more to offer you and plenty of space to do it.

The people of Australia are friendly and easygoing with an open and generous attitude towards strangers. Whether you want to live in the big city, a small country or seaside town there is a place in Australia for everyone. With the wide open spaces, beautiful beaches and many interesting places to visit where you can find a wide range of activities any time.
Australia provides a comfortable lifestyle and the opportunity to get ahead for those prepared to work to build their own style of life you crave, you can find

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