Anno Domini

Written by Robert DeAngelis

Anno Domini is the story of Satan entering the modern world and ascribing himself to be “Ia”, the true God of mankind. Ia admits to being the fallen angel perceived through world religions as the Devil. Now Ia proposes he is the misunderstood God of man and not the singular source of all evil.
His intention is to become recognized and accepted as the real God of the New Age. He will clearly establish himself as omnipotent and supreme. Also he will put an end to the worship of false gods. Only those that avow themselves to his rule shall survive and flourish under his reign. Those that deny him…shall perish.
Anno Domini begins when a series of diabolical occurrences culminates in the appearance of Satan in a Wisconsin Roman Catholic church. Parishioner Madeline McCoy and Racine Post reporter Kal Sorensen are appointed to play important roles in the ensuing struggle. In the end, only the intervention of God himself can save humankind from an endless age of evil and chaos.
As the effort of Ia expands methodically, his grandiose claim evolves from obscure threats to his undeniable presence in our reality. His vision of the Pinnacle, the grand stage for his ascension over man, becomes universally accepted as an inevitable likelihood. On this day of the Pinnacle his followers shall be blessed with his kingdom of eternity. Those that deny him shall at once…cease to exist. This is the word of the Lord, Ia!


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