Animals: Guess The Animal Kids Book: 65 Real Animal Photos with Interesting Fun Facts (Guess And Learn Series Book 1)

Written by Selena Dale
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ANIMALS: Guess The Animal Kids Book

65 Real Animal Photos with Interesting Fun Facts

In this “Guess and Learn” animal book series we focus on younger readers who still need that visual content to help them understand what they are reading.

It is targeted at 3 year olds and upwards and is designed to be read with a parent or guardian. The book has a simple layout so your child can follow along while reading or being read to.

We have added as much learning information as possible without making the whole thing seem overwhelming.

As well as learning about animals there is number learning too. At the top of each page we have included the number of the page written in letters and as a number.

Book Section Numbers
Each section starts off with a number at the top of the page. The number is written in letter form and in number form. This will help your child understand how to recognize numbers in both forms.

Fun Animal Silhouette Images
Below the section numbers are the fun silhouette images. With the Guess and Learn books you and your child can have fun looking at images of animal silhouettes and guessing what animal it is. There will be a short list of answers to choose from.

Real Animal Photos
Once your child has chosen their answer you flick over to the next page to see if it is the correct answer.

The image on this page is now a REAL photo of the animal. Now your child can see what that particular animal looks like in real life. There will also be some short fun facts to read through for each.

This book is fully illustrated and has simple blocks of text that will make learning fun for your child

Your child will be learning in a relaxed and fun way.
This fun preschool children’s “learn about animals” book will encourage your child to understand more about the animal kingdom and build their confidence with words and numbers.

The images will help to stimulate your child’s imagination and the book can be fun to read anytime, including bedtime…for pre-schoolers and beyond!


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