And the Day Came

Written by Phyllis H. Moore
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

She longed to know her father, a man deceased since she was an infant in her brothers’ arms. However Doris Marie’s brothers and uncles were a worried den of men who kept her at a distance. They planned her future when she was a girl of twelve following her mother’s death. She yearned for her childhood days at the bay house where they swam, told stories and roamed the beach. Nothing would be the same without her parents and brothers at her side. Doris would be shuffled from relatives’ homes to a boarding school in San Antonio. Prior to 1936 she would run away and plead to return to her small hometown—to people she knew and they knew her. She longed for the comfort of recognition and to be near the graves of her parents and deceased sisters.

It was a chance encounter with another girl and her mother that sparked Doris’s intent to make a final plea to her uncles. However, there was something about the girl, a whisper of recognition. Their stories would echo against the decades from the time they were teenagers until they were in their seventies. Doris could never dream that what she longed for and thought was impossible could become a reality. Would it be too late to reclaim the years lost to longing, or would Doris reconcile herself to the intentions of her uncles?

This historical fiction is based on the real life story of Doris Marie Linney Moore, born in 1919. It is a tribute to her quest to know her parents and her ability to become the mother of nine children. It is a character driven tale with real people from the Johnson and Linney families: Teddy, an awkward, physically challenged bachelor with a crumpled straw Stetson and a wide smile, Myrtle, Doris’s lonely, creative, melancholy mother and a cast of uncles and brothers not knowing how to handle the emotions that death provokes for their charge, Doris, and for themselves.


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