Anchor Leg: A Sci-Fi Mystery Novel

Written by Jack Croxall

Stranded 750 million miles from Earth. Stranded with a saboteur, stranded with a killer.

Humanity has spilled out into the Solar System, into a succession of giant space stations known as the Relay. Seren Temples is a security apprentice running the Relay’s remote Anchor Leg. When sabotage strands her vessel near another damaged ship, Seren and her team are sent across to investigate. The second ship is a zero-G graveyard. Inside its vast hold, nothing but a single vial of frozen blood.

Anchor Leg is a sci-fi mystery novel from Jack Croxall, author of Wye.

Praise For Anchor Leg

Anchor Leg has it all: thrilling action scenes, galactic gunfights, sabotage and betrayal.
– Dan Thompson, author of The Black Petal

Anchor Leg is a novel so charged and evocative you can almost feel the freezing void of space closing in as you read.
– Sharon Sant, author of The Memory Game


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