An Irreligious Faith: How to Starve Religion and Feed Life

Written by Glenn Hager

Interested in Jesus, but not the church? Used to go, but don’t anymore? Find the whole church scene irrelevant?

You may be one of the 38 million individuals who stopped attending church in the last decade in the U.S.

With honesty and a wry wit, Glenn Hager tells the story of his transition from being a pastor to being regarded a troublemaker by religious types. He explains how Jesus broke most of the preconceived religious notions of his day, that churches really could be make a difference if they are willing to take some risks, and that people who don’t go to church are not necessarily heretics.

You will find answers to these questions:
What would cause a pastor of over twenty years to leave the institutional church, (but not the faith?)
What are the key differences between Jesus and the church?
How can the church be turned “right side up?”
What are the key transitions from an institutional centered faith toward one that is more personal and meaningful?

This may be the most refreshingly honest and irreligious book about faith and life you’ll ever read.


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