American Civil War: A Nation Divided

Written by Patrick Auerbach
Category: · History

American Civil War is an interesting subject of history for history lovers. This book is designed for you so that you can peep into the world of colonists from history. It was a time of upheaval and rebellion, and numerous events in the history are important to know. The war had multiple causes and it is important to understand these reasons. This book will reveal the reasons behind the war, and the features of loyalists and patriots and unhappy colonists. The revolutionary war is a story of independence. The Americans fought numerous battles to get independence from the British, and there are numerous sacrifices behind this independence. If you want to read a comprehensive book on the American Revolutionary War, this book will be an excellent choice for you.
This book will offer:

  • The reasons behind the Civil War
  • The consequences of revolutionary war
  • Significant events and battles
  • A List of Civil Wars of America
  • Thoughts of World on this War

After reading this book, you will be able to update your knowledge about the revolutionary war and its circumstances. If you want to share important events of the history with your children, this book can be a great addition to your collection.

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