Amateur Photography: How To Make Money And Grow Your Business With Portrait Parties

Written by T Whitmore
Category: · Arts & Photography

Photography was my hobby for nearly twelve years before circumstance led me to try and start a portrait business. Through hard work, dedication, and experimentation, I have created a successful photography business from the ground up. I believe that anyone with an artistic eye behind the lens and the willingness to work for it can create a successful entrepreneurial business in the same way that I have.
I want to impart with you the knowledge you need to make it as an independent photographer. Reading this book will give you the foundational knowledge to advertise in the most effective way, to specialize in the most in-demand types of photographs, and to expand your business using the popularity of portrait parties. I learned through trials and tribulations how to grow my business into the success that it has become today. It is from my hardships that I write this book – to give aspiring photographers the advice they need to avoid many of the follies that I have made while starting my business, errors that I never could have seen before I became an entrepreneur.
If you have a passion for photography and you think yourself an entrepreneur, then I know that you too can have a successful independent business. This book offers each and every step for how to build that business, and to forge strong connections in your community that are necessary for small businesses like ours to succeed. Start reading today and learn how you can turn your hobby into a life long career.
In This Book You Will Find:
•Essential advice from someone that has successfully started his own local photography business.
•The necessary knowledge to advertise your business, to lift it off the ground, and to create a sustainable income stream.
•Tips for how to differentiate yourself from your competition and attract more clients.
•How to price your services and where to make the largest margins on your labor.

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