Always and Forever: A Sweet Western Contemporary Romance (Millennial Mail-Order Bride Romance Series Book 1)

Written by Zoe Matthews

Introducing a brand new series by best selling author, Zoe Matthews, about six cousins who were raised by their grandparents on a large Montana ranch. None of them are interested in marrying at the moment, so their grandfather takes things into his own hands. He met his wife through an arranged marriage and they had over sixty years together; why not do the same for his grandchildren?

In this first book, Quinn is the oldest of the cousins, he decides to use some information his grandfather finds through a Christian online dating service about a woman named Grace. As they get to know each other through emails, he decides to propose. They can both help each other out, he with her young daughter and she with his plans to start a new business. But will this marriage be one of convenience like Quinn suggests or will it turn into love?


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