Almost a Statistic: The Remarkable Story of Drs. Vickie and Maurice McBride

Written by Jessica Wallace McBride

This is the amazing story of who Ebony Magazine dubbed “A Dynamic Duo” and who Black Entertainment Television (BET) named one of the Most Inspirational Stories of 2013—the mother and son who exceeded everyone’s expectations and carved their own path to success as the first mother and child to earn their doctorates together, from the same school on the same day.
Born to an imprisoned teenager, Vickie lived a good life with her adoptive mother who loved her unconditionally, but whose staunch traditional beliefs about not talking to children about certain realities of life left Vickie vulnerable to boys who knew what to do with a child in a woman’s body. Years before she could drive, drink, or vote, Vickie was raising a son and trying to figure out how to break the curse of incarceration and secure a future for her family. Instead of limiting herself to low expectations and becoming a statistic, she became Dr. Vickie McBride.
As a small child, Maurice knew that Vickie was his mother, technically. Grandma was really mama, and Vickie was his best friend. Some of his fondest memories are of his childhood before Vickie left home, but some of his worst are of his life with Vickie, miles away from his mama. In Vickie’s home, punishment for infractions, both real and imagined, was swift. Eventually, Maurice dropped out of high school, spent time in jail, and had a successful music career. However, the need for a good education grew as his career as a rapper faded. Despite the negative labels, he fought against his past mistakes and became more than anyone had imagined. He became Dr. Maurice McBride.
Drs. Vickie and Maurice McBride came from “nowhere” and are “now here,” sharing their story of an unbreakable bond and incredible forgiveness that will motivate and inspire people of all ages for years to come.


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