Alexander The Great: How the Greatest Military Leader expanded the borders of the known world

Written by Andrew Klein
Category: · History

Though revered in history for their civilization and culture, the Greeks were always in a constant state of warfare amongst themselves. With the likes of Athens, Sparta, and Thebes asserting dominance over the Ionian Peninsula, none of the other city-states could amass an army strong enough to challenge the superiority of the area, much less take on all challengers and invade Persia. However, none of these other city-states had a ruler named Alexander. With his fierce tenacity, unrivaled ruthlessness for his enemies, superior tactical nous, and his compassion and charisma for his soldiers, Alexander III of Macedonia has carved out a niche in history as one of the greatest generals to ever step onto a battlefield. His ability to react to what his opponents did and his willingness to surrender favorable conditions in exchange for a better opportunity to strike has set him a part from every other general or military leader in the history of the world.

From birth and through his early years, tutored by Aristotle at the will of his father, also a successful commander, Phillip II, Alexander was molded to become the greatest leader the Greeks had ever known. Through the personal training from his father in the art of commanding an army, Alexander proved at every battle that he was far superior to any other general of the time, and quite possibly, the greatest military leader of all time.


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