Abducted: A fast-paced suspense adventure – Novel 2 of the Red-Heeled Rebels series (Red Heeled Rebels Book 3)

Written by Tikiri

A kidnapping. A forbidden place. An escape across borders.

Asha and her best friend Katy arrive at London’s Heathrow Airport on their long journey back to South Asia. What they don’t know is their trip is about to take an unexpected turn.

When Katy vanishes in broad daylight, Asha frantically races across the city to find her. She’s breaking the law and the border guards are after her, but she has no choice. Ready to sacrifice her own life for her friend, she follows a mysterious robed woman to a place that seems to hold dangerous secrets. Who lives in this house? Is Katy hidden in here, and will Asha find her alive?

This is a gritty tale of crime and revenge that will take you from the underbelly of London to the cobblestone squares of Brussels, and to the medieval land of citadels and castles in Luxembourg.

Abducted is the second novel of The Red-Heeled Rebels series which feature gutsy heroines who fight for their rights and travel the world to find freedom. If you like gripping, suspense stories with non-stop globetrotting action and complex twists that leave you at the edge of your seat, you’ll love these books. Pick up Abducted to continue this international contemporary adventure with strong female leads.

The Red-Heeled Rebels series includes:

Prequel: Beginnings

Novel ONE: Disowned

Novel TWO: Abducted

Novel THREE: Exiled

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