A Perfect Shade of Assassin – The Collection

Written by Rebecca Milton

A Perfect Shade of Assassin – The Full Collection

”I live alone. I do not keep a bevy of cats. I cook, clean, read, and write. I’m thirty-one and have no hang-ups about age, hair color, or squeezing out a kid before my clock starts ticking. I pay my taxes, own my condo, always drive a fine car – but I never drive when I plan to drink. And I like to drink. A lot. I go to church. I sing in the choir. I do volunteer work during the holidays. I feed the poor, collect clothing for the homeless, and bake peerless snicker-doodles for the church raffle. I’m a nice girl, but I’m also the kind of girl who will lure you into a hotel room, give you the time of your life in bed, then skillfully slip a stiletto blade under the back of your skull and scramble your brains as you come. And then collect a boat load of money for it.”

For the first time ever all 5 parts of Rebecca Milton’s beloved series of everybody’s favorite assassin are bundled together in this ultimate package deal. The included stories are all selling daily at $2.99 each (and even that is a bargain) so if you were to purchase these 5 books individually you would have to pay almost $15. However, for a limited time only you can now purchase all of them in this package for just $2.99, saving you $12!

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