A NEW Marketer: How to Inspire b2b Sales Acceleration with Insight Marketing

Written by Maneesh Sah
Category: · Business & Money

“Brand Awareness”
Is Dead…

A New Shift Is Redefining Which Marketers Will Win In The Never-Ending Battle For Attention. 

It’s no secret we live in a world of intense competition to win new business, retain clients and grow revenues. Because
of this cut-throat environment, a new shift in the world of marketing is happening right now. 
The marketers and brands who adapt to this changing environment will survive and thrive. But those who fail to recognize this new shift and continue
relying on outdated strategies like “increasing brand awareness” will wither away into obscurity. 
Built on the “3I” Framework, this book teaches you a simple system for adapting to this New Shift in marketing so you can
reach more people, build new raving fans and explode your bottom line. You will discover how to: 

  • Inspire With Insights: Drive real engagement with real customers by leveraging “Insight Marketing” Strategies
    — which work on both warm and cold prospects alike.

  • Incite New Conversations: Use new campaign channels and tools to amplify the reach of your content — leading to more conversations, more leads and more sales. 

  • Cultivate
    Activist Marketers:
    Understand the distinct difference between ineffective marketers and Activist Marketers, and how to build your team focused on growth — not brand awareness.

And much, much more. 
If you are a
marketer struggling to stand out in the endless sea of indistinguishable, me-too brands, this book is a must-read

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