A MILLION DOLLAR SECRET FROM THE GRAVE: How To Create 5 to 6 Figure Income Following The Secret Found In a 98-Year Old Diary of A Dead Doctor

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I need to let you know before we begin. I don’t claim this book will make you rich overnight. But I do claim that it will help you surpass your financial goal if you give it a chance.
A Million Dollar Secret from the grave is an age long secret. Fervently do I wish I had it when I was younger, I would be worth a lot more than I am right now. The secret to which I refer was found in a 98-year old Diary of the late Doctor Orison Swett Marden.
I mean just what I say when I said it is a million-dollar secret. There’s no trick or catch about It. Get hold of the secret and experiment it in your business and it will get your income raised for you.
I have heard it repeated so many times that “5% percent of our population earn 95% of all the money that is being earned”. I have also asked myself several times why this is, but through the secret, it has been revealed that only 5% of our population UNDERSTAND, or should I say apply the secret so very successfully. The very few who understand it and put it to practical use have actually seen their income raised beyond their imagination.
The rich people call the secret “The Magic Who Makes Men Rich”. I don’t deny it. It has done it for thousands of people. There is no valid reason why it cannot do the same for you. There’s no need to discuss the whys and the why nots. It is sufficient to say that it works. That’s all we care about— It Works.
Some of the things this “secret” has done for people are astounding. I would hardly believe them if I hadn’t seen or read them with my own eyes. Adding hundred or two hundred dollars a week to a man’s income is a mere nothing. That is merely playing at it. Now, listen to this:
I recently read the story of a young man who had an article for which there was a nationwide demand. For twelve years he had made a failure out of it barely making out a living. It was a different story when he experimented the secret on his business. Before long, he was making $200,000. He is now the owner of a dream home and three automobiles. His children go to private schools. He goes hunting, fishing, traveling, whenever the mood strikes him.
A mentor of mine by the name James was plagued with poverty as a young man. From the time he was a young man, he had worked and slaved – with nothing to show for it. It was that bad that at a point he couldn’t afford a $2 biscuit. He was fortunate when he met a man who introduced him to the secret. He applied the secret so successfully that he became a millionaire in five years or thereabout.
Another mentor of mine, now a best-selling author of many books, who in 1994 was evicted from his home and lost his last automobile, applied the secret so successfully that he created a 6 figure income in the first year of starting his own internet marketing business.
I could tell you thousands of similar instances. But there’s no need to do this as I’m willing to tell you the “secret” itself. Then you can put it to work and see what it will do for you.

The secret found in the late Doctor Marden’s diary has no favorite and can be applied in any discipline. From my research and personal study, I have discovered that this secret is behind the success stories of the big names. The secret however cannot be used in isolation. It must be applied to a vocation, a career or a business.
It does not matter what this line of business is – Whether you are a Teacher, Author, Marketer, Sportsperson, Retailer, Speaker etc. You can use your business as a guinea pig for which to test the secret.
Now, grab a chair. It is time for a transformation.


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