A Midsummer Night’s Fairytale: Shakespeare’s classic play with a fairytale twist

Written by Suzanne Tye

“In this same interlude it doth befall that I, Prince Charming, present’th ball. Not such a ball as I would have you think, but more a discotheque with lights that blink. At which, the prince and servant girl did meet, and there they boogied to my disco beat.”

Hansel and Red Riding Hood flee into the magical woods, pursued by the Big Bad Wolf and Goldilocks the woodcutter’s daughter. That same night a crew of cliché characters rehearse a play, the most lamentable romance and cruel death of Prince Charming and Cinderella, only to find themselves in the midst of a quarrel between the Queen of Hearts and her mischievous husband.

This adaption is designed to make A Midsummer Night’s Dream fun and relatable for children to perform, watch and read. The wit and beauty of much of Shakespeare’s verse is maintained along with the inclusion of familiar fairy tale characters and themes.


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