A Kiss To Die For: (Boxed Set)

Written by Elizabeth Rose

Murder, mystery, and romance; this collection of four full-length novels has it all. A murder has taken place in each story. Come along for the adventure as the heroes and heroines search for answers and find love and romance along the way.

This boxed set includes:

The Baron’s Bounty – Book 2
Barons of the Cinque Ports Series
(Medieval Romance)

Scottish Lady, Isobel MacEwen’s only weakness is her love of shoes. Sent as her cousin’s proxy to marry the English baron, Lord Conlin de Braose, she witnesses the Scottish king’s murder on the road one night. However, she has only seen the killer’s feet and can only identify him by his shoes. Can a Scottish proxy and a baron of the Cinque Ports keep their alliance when one of them is suspected of being a murderer?

Ruby – Book 1
Daughters of the Dagger Series
(Medieval Romance)

Lady Ruby de Burgh is betrothed to Lord Nyle Sheffield – a man who is known as the Lord of Death. He’s has three wives murdered in the past month, and now he is looking for a pawn to flesh out the killer. Will murder and mayhem place a wedge between an unconventional wife and the Lord of Death, or bring them closer together as emotions are brought to the surface?

Summer’s Reign – Book 2
Seasons of Fortitude Series
(Medieval Romance)

When Summer’s abusive husband is found dead in his bed, the rumor is on everyone’s lips that he was murdered. Summer is a single mother granted permission from the king to choose her next husband. However, when Sir Warren Mowbray, her late husband’s nephew shows up asking questions, she wants nothing to do with him. Can a strong, determined woman who is the main suspect and a controlling warrior find love between them or will they destroy each other first?

Doubting Thomas – Book 1
Tarnished Saints Series
(Contemporary Romance)

Thomas Taylor, a single father of six young boys, has been accused by the town of murdering his second wife. Angel DeMitri works for Child Protective Services and comes to Thunder Lake on vacation. While there, as a favor to a friend, she decides to investigate Thomas to determine if he is a good father. A tortured man and a woman trying to do her job come together in challenging circumstances that will change both of their lives forever.


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