A Drop of April Snow

Written by Christopher Sword
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

“A tapestry of lives, trauma and subsequent vulnerability of three different persons.”
The last snow storm of the year was to be the biggest. Police warned drivers to stay off the roads. Families huddled inside their homes, wondering if they would lose power, heat and the ability to get out.

In the morning a glittering layer of frosting covers everything. A couple snowshoes into town and discovers the body of a young man found off to the side of the rural highway without a jacket, shoes or socks.

A Drop of April Snow follows three characters whose lives intersect in ways unknown to them. The characters all struggle to deal with their past, each making efforts to block out the details of memories that are either too painful or debilitating in some way. When their worlds collide it becomes increasingly impossible to ignore that they are forever linked in tragedy.


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