A Divine Accident: A Memoir of Life, Love and Learning

Written by Carol Sorkin Hunter

With a childhood spent in Hollywood, a father who is beloved by the entertainment elite, and all the shiny things money can buy, Carol Sorkin Hunter’s life should be a fairy tale…right?

Yet the shadows that lurk behind Hunter’s life mean she’s living in a nightmare she alone truly understands. A freak experience at a young age triggers a personal journey she could never have predicted.

As Hunter navigates the dark corners of the human experience—slipping into the murkiness of hopelessness and the terrifying realm of poverty—she realizes she has no idea where to turn.

A Divine Accident is the touching and inspiring true story of one woman’s refusal to give up on herself when the world around her seems to have already done so. As she finds love and grace, Hunter slowly and surely begins to finally discover who she is.

With a heart full of unshakable faith, determination, and resilience to discover herself, Carol Sorkin Hunter uses her own experiences to inspire others. A Divine Accident: A Memoir of Life, Love and Learning reminds us all that the true fairy tales in life are often the ones we write ourselves.


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