9 Lives to Live (Magical Cool Cats series Book 10)

Written by Mary Matthews
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

When you’re a cool cat detective, you only nine times but if you live them right, nine is enough.
Magical Cool Cat Sleuths, Tatania and Zeus, find clues as intoxicating as catnip, and help their humans, 1920s detectives, Grace and Jack, unravel a mystery of switched identities that reveals another one of Tatania’s nine lives.

Excerpt from 9 Lives to Live:

“While Grace slept next to Jack, Tatania relaxed on Jack’s chest and swished a tail in Grace’s face. She liked to remind Grace that she met Jack first. “

The Magical Cool Cats Mystery Series can be read in any order. If you’d like to know the chronological order of the series, here it is for you:

**Splendid Summer
**Emeralds, Diamonds, and Amethysts
**Cher Ami
**Available exclusively in Grace, Jack, & Magical Cats Boxed Set Vol I.
Meow Baby
Cupcake Kitty
Meow or Never
Catty Corner
Cat Dance
9 Lives to Live
The Fur Will Fly
Right Meow


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