30&UNDER: Short Life Advice from Outliers Under 30

Written by Peter Cuderman
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30&UNDER is a book packed with hacks, daily habits, rituals and routines of the most successful people under 30. Entries include: Forbes 30-unders, entrepreneurs, athletes, influencers, philanthropists, contestants from shows, such as: Top Chef, Chopped, The Ultimate Fighter, Shark Tank, and Survivor, as well as programs, such as: Thiel Fellows, Y-Combinator, 500 Startups, and more.

From the Author:

The idea is that we see these people earning awards like Forbes 30 Under 30, starring on television shows, being admitted into the most prestigious colleges and universities (Harvard, Stanford, Yale), or becoming some wildly successful entrepreneur or startup founder (Thiel Fellows, 500 Startups, Y-Combinator), but where can we learn about who these people actually are?

When I opened up Google that morning, my search result came up short. I was looking for these people competing at the highest level. With one caveat — either they had to have started their (personal) brand or business before 30 or they had to still be under 30 years of age. These high achievers existed, but it was nothing more than biographies. The results were slim. There was little to give me specifics into their daily routines, habits, and rituals.

I wanted to know more. And if I wanted to know more, was it possible that others did, as well?

I started to think about the best way to reach these highly coveted people. Then it hit me that if I am to dive into the mindset of millennials, the approach should be clear. This book was sourced and developed entirely through social media. Not one introduction was made outside of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. It was many months, thousands of hours, countless interviews, but I am very excited to present 30&UNDER: Short Life Advice from Outliers Under 30.

The book takes you chapter by chapter through profiles of individuals that answer questions related to: morning routines, passion, how time is spent, what to do when feeling overwhelmed, habits, rituals, most gifted books, improvement professionally and personally, projects, accomplishments, failures, setbacks, perception of success, best advice received, best quotes. Each profile ends with the most significant question,”What would I tell my 17-year-old self?”

This book is made for Generation Xers, Millennials, and Generation Zers.

Don’t let the title fool you. The fact of the matter is that this book provides valuable insights for someone in high school thinking forward or an executive at the end of his or her career. You get a glimpse inside the minds of extremely high achievers, what drives them, and what makes them tick. This ultimately translates to ways to duplicate such success, communicate with such individuals, and develop a better understanding of life and the pursuit of personal development.

An easily digestible book that can be read in one sitting with powerful direction for anyone looking to improve, 30&UNDER: Short Life Advice from Outliers Under 30 puts to paper how successful millennials think.

I wish you all the success that this world may bring and hope you find your answers to these questions as you read.

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