2 Seconds: Two Sergeants & Two Standards

Written by Steven Gifford

In the amount of time needed to take a breath – In just 2 Seconds- two lives would be changed forever. Each year the United States Marines Corps will allocate a certain amount of seats available in the MECEP Programs to enlisted Marines. MECEP is an officer commissioning program allowing a Marine to earn their college degree, visit Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Va their freshman summer, and become an officer once completing the rigorous program.

Based on actual events, two Marines, stationed at the MECEP program at The Ohio State University would collide in one of the most heated altercations ever seen in this program. You don’t get accepted to the coveted MECEP program by skating – or being a shit bag Marine. The actions and reactions you’ll see inside this story make you wonder just how some might have gotten in. Sit back as the author serves you all this and more on a golden platter.

Two Sergeants & Two Standards is not just a title but a view I had after the events that happened during this story. Watching one Marine being catered to and one being looked at as if they murdered someone was sickening. I can promise you that it’s not who you think. Get your alice packs on, fill your canteens, and get ready to go on a hump of your life. Look back and see who’s in the rear on this one. Are the standards the same for both male and female recruits? Are they the same when you get to the fleet? After interviewing ten contributors Steven’s thoughts have changed but it didn’t take away the feeling right after the incident while at The Ohio State University. One Standard- if you can meet it, great! If not- move on!

Steven takes you through the halls of Parris Island, a deployment to Kuwait, and a year long tour in Okinawa Japan showing also the sacrifices a service member along with their spouse go through. Each road to MECEP was different and well earned. I question the system. Was Sgt T- whom you’ll learn about set up to fail from day one of her enlistment- at Parris Island? Was there a standard in place before we even got to the yellow footprints that would affect each life differently 10 years later? I explore this and so much more with my final question being this: If given the chance would the female Marines want ONE STANDARD? You’ll be shocked to hear some of the responses.

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