13,760 Feet—My Personal Hole in the Sky

Written by Mark Berry

The 747 that went up whole and came down in 876 pieces invaded every part of my life. My only consolation is that, without being able to turn around, she never saw behind her the giant hole where the rest of the aircraft should have been—an oblong oval opening to the tumbling sky, bordered by torn cables, shredded aluminum aircraft skin, sheared beams and spars, and accented with sparking severed wires. And I hope she couldn’t comprehend what was actually happening if she lived long enough to ride this nearly three mile high, free-falling hell-ivator all the way down to the ocean’s surface, and then sink to 140 feet below, where her body would wait to be recovered.

Mark is a major airline pilot with twenty-five years of seniority and he’s a contributing editor for Airways magazine. He earned an MFA in creative writing from Fairfield University where he was also a managing editor for Mason’s Road literary journal. Excerpts of this memoir have appeared in Airways as well as: AOPA Flight Training, Connecticut Newspapers, Epiphany, ERAU EaglesNEST, So…Stories, The Stoneslide Corrective, The Story Shack, TARPA Topics, Under the Sun, and Write This.

There are 41 companion songs for this book that can be heard on the author’s website: http://marklberry.com/memoir


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