100 barbecues from 40 countries Recipes, marinades and cooking techniques Surprise your guests with a new BBQ How and what people fry in the world

Written by V. Zoliman


Since BBQ has become one of the most enjoyed and followed tradition of celebrating any gathering, the book is designed for everyone and anyone who enjoys Barbecuing for every occasion. It does matter if you are a pro in the kitchen or a newbie, the book offers something new to everyone. It contains the BBQ techniques of more than 20 countries.

The book contains about 100 BBQ recipes and they are not all meat! There is a combination fish BBQ, vegetable BBQ and fruit BBQ.

Each BBQ recipe is quite different from another and each contains a traditional sauce or marinara. If you like a bit spice in your BBQ, you would find it in the book. If you like honey like sweetness in your BBQ, you would also find that. There are some BBQ salad recipes as well. Not all of them are main courses, some are mouth-watering side dishes.
So start cooking today and make your friends and family happy.

The book contains unique, best recipes from countries around the world.


Whenever there is a special celebration, BBQ is one common factor regardless of where you are located! People from all background love and enjoy BBQ. It offers them to cook together and have a good time. The good thing about BBQ is no matter how new you are to the kitchen and the art of cooking, with a simple marinara, and knowing what type of meat (medium/rare) you want, your BBQ would be a hit.

People don’t only barbecue meat anymore, barbecuing vegetables and fruits also have become quite popular as it tastes delicious. Although store bought marinara or sauces are good when you are in a hurry, nothing beats a good homemade sauce. It gives your BBQ a special touch and boasts up its taste by 10%. Your friends and family also appreciates the effort you put in to please them.

BBQ is common in almost every nation; however different countries have different technique to do it. Some like to grill their meat, some like to use hot charcoal, some use open wood fire, some use special kind of wood to do their BBQ and some even BBQ using oven. Below you would find in details different techniques of Barbecuing in different countries.


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