10 Tenets To Transform Your Life

Written by Tyler Oliveira
Category: · Business & Money

At the age of 16, Tyler Oliveira sought to create a blueprint for success for other young people like himself to follow. After an entire year of studying influential leaders in the self-help industry and their works, Tyler’s philosophy of self-improvement, time-efficiency, success, and happiness was born. Compartmentalized into this 86 page masterpiece, the 10 Tenets To Transform Your Life serves as a comprehensive tool that will enable you to maximize the fulfillment derived from your life, your time, and those around you. To live life without regrets.

To live life to its greatest potential. To acquire that which you desire, and to achieve that which you wish to achieve what this book will allow. By highlighting the specific aspects of your life that will enable you to do these very things is the purpose of this book. Each chapter consists of one tenet, or rather one truth that must be considered if you ever are serious about living life like it was meant to be lived. Upon reading all ten tenets, you will have achieved a firm grasp of the inner workings of your life that you must dominate if you ever intend on bending the world to your will and living a truly meaningful life.


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