Get more reviews by setting up Book Giveaway in Freado

This feature is best for new authors who are looking to get reviews for their book. Our book review feature will help you to boost book downloads, reach newer audience & get more reviews for your book.

Links to the Book

Contact Information


Price $5 for a day

How it works

  • Author sets up book giveaway.
  • Reader requests a copy by entering their email address.
  • Author sends the book copy to the reader.

What is included?

  • Listing of your book in our Book Giveaway page.
  • Inclusion of your book in our daily best eBooks email which goes out to 10k+ readers.
  • A tweet with your book cover in our twitter account.
  • A post in our Facebook page.

Is your book eligible?

  • Your book should be available in an eBook format.
  • Your book should have nice book cover design.
  • Your book should have 100+ pages.
  • Your book must have 10 “4 star” reviews in Amazon.