Science of Life and Nature: A Photo Poetry Collection: Foreword by Celia Berrell

Written by Sukarma Rani Thareja

Life and nature are mystery of science. They combine the dichotomies of existence, with a desire by life to be liberated as well as a wish by nature to be bound by the chains of love and admiration of science. Present book; Science of Life and Nature: A Photo Poetry Collection capture in words and images of life and science that exist, the scientific phenomena are explained through object we meet in our everyday lives. The set of fifty nine poems and pictures are designed to map the landscape of life and nature from important angle through telescopic lens of science. This poetic journey is a tribute to the free-spirited dreamer of science that lives in every person. From morning to evening, in dreams of fairy tale of science researcher/teacher in the labs to basic science subject concepts, from the vivacious professional of science to the intimate world of the different aspects of life, from the innocence of a nature, from the urbane soul of life to the village science, these poems and images celebrate the joy and struggle for freedom of life and nature.


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