Zelfar – The Discovery (Zelfar Series Book 1)

Written by Ruth Colter
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

Scientists from 1850 Portland, Oregon discover a portal that opens to a land of plenty with unfettered opportunity for brilliant minds. Ignoring the fact that no animal or insect exists in the new land, they create the utopian society of their dreams named Zelfar where science and technology thrives on new power sources and elements. Fast-forward one-hundred-twenty years and Zelfar is faced with a doomed future–all newborns are dying shortly after birth for reasons unknown.

Zelfar’s top neo-natal physician, Zophie, knows it’s up to her to find the cure. Her serene life is shattered when she learns the truth of the portal and realizes she must retrace her ancestors’ footsteps to save her colony from extinction. The world on the other side of the portal in 1971 America is foreboding. America hasn’t progressed as much as Zelfar, nor do they have the advanced medical techniques Zophie is used to working with. What they do have is the cure for Zelfar’s infant mortality crisis, but only if Zophie can find it in time.

Zelfar -The Discovery, mixes science fiction and fantasy with time travel. Teens, young adults, and adults alike will enjoy this medical mystery.



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