WW1 at Sea: An Introduction to: WW1 at Sea

Written by James Tyrell
Category: · History

Images of World War I in the popular consciousness normally involve the bloody attrition of trench warfare, the miles of mud, the shattered earth, and tangled miles of barbed wire. However there was another significant arena of war – the battle for control of the sea.

In 1914 in the beginning of the wall, Britain’s Maritime supremacy had remained unchallenged for around 100 years. Many expected another Battle of Trafalgar that advances in technology saw a very different kind of warfare with the widespread use of mines, submarines and torpedoes.

WW1 at Sea examines the events that led to war and the naval arms race between Britain and Germany. It traces the events of the war at sea, looking at the major battles as well as the effects of unrestricted submarine warfare, and the sinking of the Lusitania. It’s also profiles key figures such as Fisher, Beatty, Tirpitz, and Graf von Spee.



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