World War 2 Women: True Stories Of World War 2 Women In Action: The Women Heroes And Spies Of World War 2 (Irma Grese History, Holocaust Survivor Accounts, … Rescuers, Holocaust Survivor Stories)

Written by Cyrus J. Zachary
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True Stories Of World War 2 Women In Action: The Women Heroes And Spies Of World War 2

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From the dawn of time, women have been perceived as the caretakers, as nurturers and as mothers. They are seen as delicate creatures, to be protected and taken care of. Many a time, this argument has served more than one chauvinist who sought to keep the woman bound to his wishes, unable to do anything beyond the quintessential cooking and cleaning and rearing of the children.

Yet, given the chance, women have proven themselves time and time again, going above and beyond the call of duty. For all that they are perceived to be the physically weaker of the two accepted sexes, it is the female who carries a full human being within her.

Both the world wars left an indelible mark on the earth; the face of humanity was forever altered, both during and in the aftermath. Millions lost their lives, and rebuilding was an effort that took decades.

There were a number of women who became spies, particularly during the Second World War, sneaking behind enemy lines to gather information and performing other duties to help win the war.

These are unsung heroes, often forgotten in the face of their more famous, ‘stronger’ male counterparts.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • World War 2 Women – The Amazing Tenacity of Nancy Wake
  • World War 2 Women – Violette Reine Szabo – The Silent Sentinel
  • World War 2 Women – The Brave Andree Borrel
  • World War 2 Women – Lise de Baissac – The Secret Spy
  • World War 2 Women – How Far could these Brave Women go?
  • Much, much more!
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