Whiskey Witches Series: Books 0-4 (Whiskey Witches Series Boxset Book 1)

Written by S.M. Blooding
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Detective Paige Whiskey is about to set off on a path that will change the course of her family’s lives forever.

The Whiskeys are a powerful family in the paranormal community, but there’s a lot they don’t know. As they blunder down their path of discovery, they find shapeshifters, vampires, and much more that falls in their wheelhouse. The old days of witchcraft and demons is disappearing fast.

By helping others, they’re re-opening a war between witches and shifters. Do they help the shifters? Or prevent a war?

Grab this boxset which includes the first four novels, the prequel novella not avaiable for purchase, a never-before seen short story, deleted scenes, character interviews, and more!



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