What About the Boy?: A Father’s Pledge to His Disabled Son: (A true story about relationships and health within a family helping their developmentally disabled child)

Written by Stephen Gallup

Step into a family that believes wellness and potential are their little son’s birthright. Even though he has acute and mysterious developmental problems, even though his doctors advise only patience and acceptance–parents Judy and Steve plan to bring about a full recovery, one way or another.

What About the Boy? A Father’s Pledge to His Disabled Son chronicles a family’s rejection of hopelessness and their pursuit of a normal life. Readers say:

“This is a book about being your child’s advocate.”
“It’s an amazing and inspiring story of one family’s struggle for an answer, for help, and for a normal life.”
“It’s a roller-coaster of emotions.”
“Each sentence, each word is carefully chosen and appropriately used, helping create a true story of triumph over adversity.”
“It’s a lovely tribute to the power of a parent’s love.”

Winner of Best Memoir in the 2011 San Diego Book Awards competition, What About the Boy? offers perspective to anyone dealing with special challenges as well as friends who seek understanding.

Buy it now to see how a family’s response to crisis can change their relationships, health, and view of life.



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