Westerly Gales

Written by E. C. Williams
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Centuries after a “perfect storm” of nuclear war, plague, famine, and disorder has caused the greatest population crash in the history of the human species, a tiny group of refugees on a sub-Antarctic island maintains what they believe to be the last vestige of technological civilization. The Kerguelenians, as they begin to think of themselves, manage to survive, grow, and colonize other islands in the Southern and Indian Oceans — until they are attacked by a mysterious seafaring group they call “the pirates”. Who are the pirates, why are they hostile to the Kerguelinians — and, most importantly, how can the peaceful islanders defend themselves against a force apparently determined to eradicate them? Kerguelenian master mariner Sam Bowditch takes on the enormous task of building a Navy from scratch to preserve the fledgling maritime civilization from utter destruction. First volume of a planned series.



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