Warriors of Milisaria: The Complete Series (Books 1-6)

Written by Celeste Raye
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The COMPLETE Alien Sci-Fi Abduction Romance BESTSELLING Series full of lovable characters, steamy sexy aliens and lots of Romance!

This is a collection of 6 books that are full of great stories that will keep you wanting to read from Book #1 right through till Book #6

This series takes place on both Earth and Milisaria. It is very easy to relate to the humans as well as the aliens. The romances in each book are heartwarming and believable. Once you read the 1st book, you will want to visit Milisaria yourself or meet one of the hot sexy aliens on Earth!

Book #1- Nabvan
Book #2- Siefer
Book #3- Ohber
Book #4- Urim
Book #5- Srath
Book #6- Scyon

Note: Book 6 “Scyon” Warriors of Milisaria is only sold in the box set. For one low price, and for a limited time, you can now own the whole series for one low price or FREE on KU.

All books in this page-turning Sci-fi alien romance series can be read as standalones, and happily ever afters are guaranteed!

Warning: Adults Only



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