Warrior Academy: A Hiro’s Journey – Episode 1 (Warrior Academy )

Written by Gabriel Rathweg

After the world is destroyed earth’s last survivors start anew. Now in a world forever changed, a place where magic is real, and monsters have come to life. A place where magic and science blend with pop culture… Welcome to Warrior Academy.

Hiro begins his journey and starts his first year at WA. Join him for adventure, romance, and revenge.

If you like video games, music, anime, and just pop culture in general… you will love Warrior Academy. Its Harry Potter meets Naruto with a little Dragon Ball Z and Dungeons and Dragons thrown in for fun, oh and don’t forget a smattering of High School Musical…

This is the first episode in an as yet to be determined long series, at least 13 episodes, I’m debating on 26…

(P.S. There is an attached Youtube and/or Spotify playlist meant to be listened to with the episode. Think of it as a Soundtrack.)



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