Voodoo Knights: A Reverse Harem Romance (Black Magic Harem Book 1)

Written by Amanda Rose
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Four dark and dangerous spirits haunt me.
They’re black magic manipulators, voodoo masters—and they say they’re here to be my teachers.
But can I really trust a man who turns into a cat? A motorcycle riding jerk with a bag of souls? How about his top hat wearing friend or the weirdo that lives in the tree in my backyard?

Don’t think so.

Then again, I might have little choice but to accept their help.

Somebody murdered my grandma and now that same somebody wants me dead, too.
These four guardians borrow their powers from mine:
Kriminal LaCoste. Samuel Baron. Sebastian GranBois. Zandor Red.
If I reject them, I’ll be left alone in a world of monsters, magic, and madness.

My destiny is within reach … as long as I don’t die before I get there.

***VOODOO KNIGHTS is a full-length young adult reverse harem (four love interests for the one female main character) novel. This is book one of three in the “Black Magic Harem” series. Contains mature language, violence, and sexual situations.



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