Vegan For Life: How To Live A Vegan Lifestyle

Written by Ashley Summer

-Go Vegan For Your Health!
-Go Vegan For The Animals!
-Go Vegan For The Planet!
-Go Vegan For Life!

* Do you want to be healthy and have beautiful glowing skin?
* Do you want to lower your cholesterol and lower your chances of heart disease?
* Do you feel compassion for all living creatures of the earth and want to make ethical food choices?

Then Veganism may be the answer for you.

Veganism is the hot diet that many celebrities use to help them lose weight and look fantastic. A Vegan Diet will help you slim down and slow the signs of aging. You will sleep better and have more energy. Your skin will glow and you will look better than you ever have before. You will feel great knowing that you are taking a stand against animal cruelty and getting healthy at the same time!

In this book, you will find simple steps and strategies on how to make an easy transition to a Vegan Diet.

You Will Also Learn:

* History of Veganism
* Benefits of a Vegan Diet
* How to Make the Transition
* Losing Weight on a Vegan Diet
* Vegan Lifestyle
* Veganism and Children
* Veganism at Pregnancy
* Easy and Delicious Vegan Recipes
* What to Eat When Dining Out
* And Much, Much More…

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