Truce and Honor: A story of deceit, love, and conflict (Ancient World Historical Romance Book Series 1)

Written by K. Robinson
Category: · Romance

In a Kingdom where everyone is fighting for the King’s crown, Rose Gordon seems to be the only normal individual. Often seen as vulnerable and unsuspecting, she will find herself at the heart of conspiracies set by none other than the people in her own family. In that typical medieval setting, Rose will find love in the arms of Ansgar, a handsome warrior who came from the Fjords.

Everything seems to change drastically around her, as her lover finally settles in her native Kingdom. And as their passion and mutual desire for one another seem to grow more every day, she still must watch her back as her family will not hesitate to exploit her beauty and grace with hopes that she will one day become the Queen.

Will Rose end up sacrificing her happiness for a shot at the crown, or will she follow her heart and help Ansgar grow in popularity with the people of Dungeon’s Valley?

Come and discover one of the most beautiful and sensual medieval love stories ever written and enjoy your reading!



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