Trouble Finds Her (The Dewey Webb Historical Mystery Series Book 5)

Written by Renee Pawlish
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

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It’s the end of 1949, and Denver private investigator Dewey Webb is asked to do what seems like a simple thing: find Jasper Caffrey’s daughter, Nora, who hasn’t been seen or heard from in days. Nora is wild, and trouble seems to find her. Was she the victim of foul play, or has she run away from home?

As Dewey hunts for Nora, from the richest sections of the city to the jazz clubs in the Five Points neighborhood, he uncovers secrets about the Caffreys that may explain Nora’s disappearance, and he encounters a cast of characters who all want him dead. Can he dodge danger and find Nora before either one of them comes to a bad end?

A hard-boiled, historical mystery that’s great for fans who love a traditional detective crime story with a noir flavor, but without a lot of sex or swearing.

From an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author – over 1 million books in circulation.

Dewey Webb first appeared in the Reed Ferguson mystery, Back Story. Pick up a copy of Back Story to find out more about this classic hard-boiled detective.

The Dewey Webb historical mystery series:

• Book 1: Web of Deceit
• Book 2: Murder In Fashion
• Book 3: Secrets and Lies
• Book 4: Honor Among Thieves
• Book 5: Trouble Finds Her
• Short Story: Second Chance

Great Reviews for the Reed Ferguson private investigator series:

Kirkus Reviews:
The promising kickoff to Pawlish’s comic mystery series, starring far-from-perfect PI Reed Ferguson. Pawlish earns high marks for plot construction, with twists and turns naturally unfolding as Ferguson, inexperienced but not incapable, feels his way through the case. A good-humored mystery series worth following.

5 star review:
Oh how I’ve missed the Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe characters that saw me with a flashlight in the dead of night flipping pages to see what happened next. Thank you Ms. Pawlish for bringing back to life this long-lost art of the detective battling against all odds and getting to the bottom of things.

– Maureen with zencherry book reviews

The Reed Ferguson mystery series:

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• Book 11: Night of the Hunted
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• Book 13: Road Blocked
• Book 14: Small Town Focus
• Book 15: Nightmare Sally
• Book 16: The Damned Don’t Die
• Ace in the Hole (novella)
• Walk Softly, Danger (Kindle Worlds novella)
• short story: Elvis And The Sports Card Cheat
• short story: A Gun For Hire
• short story: Cool Alibi
• short story: The Big Steal
• short story: The Wrong Woman

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