TRAVEL for FREE: How to score FREE Flights, Rental Cars & Accommodations, dramatically reduce Airfares, Get paid to Travel & START a DIGITAL NOMAD BIZ … in the World! (Travel Smart Series Book 1)

Written by Gundi Gabrielle
Category: · Business & Money

Discover the Secret Booking Tricks of TOP TRAVEL Pros:

– how to score FREE Flights & Accommodation

– how to find discount coupons in seconds

– how to find mistakes airfares (like my flight from New York to Paris for $137….)

– how to GET PAID to travel….

– solid strategies to finance long term travel,
and while you travel.

Budget Travel

TRAVEL for FREE – can help you save thousands of Dollars on travel bookings, experience foreign countries like a local – and even become a Digital Nomad if you would like to just travel for a few years and/or live in another country for a while.

Becoming a Digital Nomad

The author has lived the Digital Nomad livestyle for several years and is currently travelling through Africa and Australia. She is successfully running several online businesses – including a publishing company with several #1 Bestsellers – while travelling the world and living the life of her dreams.

Her new company and travel blog – SassyZenGirl Lifestyle – is helping people achieve the travel freedom so many crave – without going broke or staying in crowded hostel dorm rooms.

BUDGET TRAVEL: The Ultimate Guide contains a whole, extensive chapter on the many possibilities of Online Entrepeneurship – even if you have no experience at all – and how to first get started.

How to get started as an Online Entrepreneur

Working online provides the freedom to live anywhere in the world and explore ever new cultures and regions. BUDGET TRAVEL: The Ultimate Guide covers many different forms of building a freelance business – even if you think you have no relevant skills…..

Also, advice on how to Start a TRAVEL BLOG as a BUSINESS and score discounts and free trips as well as a solid income for years to come.

Get Paid to Travel

If you are just starting out – or online entrepreneuship is not your thing – BUDGET TRAVEL: The Ultimate Guide provides a huge list of resources to find exciting jobs anywhere in the world.

Whether it is working in National Parks, on Cruise Ships or Yachts, as an Adventure Guide or English Teacher – or even for an NGO, you will find valuable information here on how to get started.

BUDGET TRAVEL: The Ultimate Guide covers all the tools you need to create amazing travel adventures for yourself and your family without spending a fortune and – if that’s your dream – the tools to become a long term traveller, free to go wherever you wish with sound strategies for financial sustenance that can keep you travelling for years to come.

Here is what you get in detail:

Part 1- Saving Money BIG Time!


– Airfare
– Travel Hacking – free flights, anyone…?
– Rental Cars
– Trains & Buses
– Cruiseship
– Awesome Trip Planning Tools


– Free Accommodation
– Discounts on Paid Accommodation

Part 2 – Get PAID to Travel! – How to Work Abroad

– Teaching English
– Work on a Cruise Ship or Private Yacht
– Jobs in the Tourism Industry
– Resorts
– Tour & Adventure Guide
– Jobs in the Outdoors
– National Park
– Farm Work
– Volunteering & NGOs
– International Job Sites

Part 3 – Become a Digital Nomad

– Running an online business from anywhere in the World

Part 4 – Awesome Resources

– Travel Insurance
– Jetlag & Surviving Long Distance Flights
– Researching Local Logistics
– Travel Apps
– Visa Help
– Safety (incl. women’s safety)

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