Trapped in the Cracks

Written by Clarence Williams
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Struggle is the only thing that’s guaranteed. But how much struggle would we consider to be obscene?

On the surface, Trapped in the Cracks is the gripping story of Nick Bernard’s pledge of vengeance for his brutally battered sister, hospitalized by the ruthless kingpin of one of the city’s most notorious organized crime syndicates. Methodically peeling away layers of the characters’ entangled lives, the author exposes the contrasting journeys of struggle of several men and women through the gritty criminal underworld. From the complex challenges of their inner-city upbringings to the serendipitous crossings of their corrupt paths, their intertwining tales are laced with desperation, violence, malice, and hope.

Who is Nick Bernard? 

*Devoted Husband 
*Loving Father 
*Frustrated Criminal 
*Unwavering Vigilante

Trapped in the Cracks is a riveting crime novella for readers who love the brilliant and rich writing of authors like Toni Morrison, Stephen King, James Baldwin, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and Edgar Allan Poe, but who also enjoy thrilling cult classic dramas in the vein of Pulp Fiction, Training Day, Boondock Saints, The Usual Suspects, and Taxi Driver.

Beyond being filled with thrills, action, and twists you won’t expect, Trapped in the Cracks is doused with dialogue that is both historically and socially thought-provoking and enlightening. Don’t delay, be entertained and educated; buy your copy today.



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