Topaz Detail for Landscape Photographers: Complex image editing made easy (The Lightweight Photographer Books)

Written by Robin Whalley
Category: · Arts & Photography

Topaz Detail is a software plug-in for popular editing packages such as Photoshop and Lightroom. It is a perfect package for landscape photography because it enables you to perform complex image adjustments with ease once you understand how to use it.

This book is designed to take the new user, from no knowledge to proficiency in a matter of hours. It explains all the functionality offered by Topaz Detail and shows, through worked examples how it can be used to great effect to enhance your landscape images. There are lots of screenshots and illustrations to show clearly how the software works.

Although many people think of Topaz Detail as an image-sharpening program, this book will demonstrate how you can use it to achieve much more. You will learn how to extract and emphasise detail in your images, to change their appearance, to create tonal balance and to create the impression of light. Although the book is aimed at landscape photography, the information can easily be applied to other types of photography.

The book also supports your learning through:

•Sample images you can download from the author’s website to follow along with the book.
•Online video tutorials to supplement the text of the book and see further worked examples.
•A discount coupon code to use when purchasing Topaz Detail if don’t already own a license.

A couple of hours spent reading this book will help you bring out the full potential of your images.



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