Time Lottery (Time Lottery Series Book 1)

Written by Nancy Moser
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Come experience a lottery unlike any other. The prize is not money, or a new car, or a trip to Bermuda. The prize is utterly priceless: time.

    The annual Time Lottery offers its winners a chance to go back into their pasts and change something–make a different choice. 
     Follow the journey of three winners: a surgeon, a socialite, and a homeless man, as they travel back into their lives and totally immerse themselves in their pasts, exploring what could have been–fully immersed, without memory of what happened the first time, or the life they’ve left behind in the future. They live their second-chance lives without the encumbrances of memory or the benefit of future lessons learned.
     At the culmination of their visit–after making their different choice–they experience Dual Consciousness, fully seeing their new past as well as remembering how it played out the first time around. They also remember what they’ve left behind in the future and face questions about what kind of future might evolve out of this new choice. One is known. The other is not.
     With all of this knowledge, they are given one more monumental choice: should they stay in their new reality (their Alternity) and live out their lives amid their new choice and its unknown ramifications and outcomes? Or should they return to life as they know it in the future, their lives made richer from the Time Lottery experience?
     What would you do? What life choice would you like to explore?
     Winner of the Christy Award.
     Read about three more winners in the Time Lottery sequel: “Second Time Around.”



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