They Will Die On The Dome: A Western

Written by Tony Christensen

Here’s an exciting tale set in California during the wild, action-packed days of approaching statehood. What was justice in 1849 in California? What happened to the man who wanted it? Travel with Uriah Richardson, Sergeant in the Union Army on the eve of the Second Battle of Bull Run in 1862, as he reminisces about his boyhood excursion for gold. His friend Ethan Spurlock was a man willing to sacrifice his own safety for justice, and he relentlessly pursues the outlaw Colorado Jim and his gang after the outrageous wrong done to Ethan’s wife. Set against the backdrop of Old Sacramento and the Yosemite Valley, this thrilling story of romance, heartache, family ties, and redemption will make the pulse race and the head spin as Ethan and Uriah implacably hunt down the gang until the final, cliff-hanging confrontation.



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