The Warriors Series Boxset I (Warriors series of Action Suspense Adventure Thrillers)

Written by Ty Patterson

Meet U.S. Special Forces operative Zeb Carter. Some of his enemies say he is their fate. However, in his line of business, fate can be fickle.

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The bundle in this USA Today Bestselling series, includes:

The Warrior (Book One)

Zeb’s in the Congo on orders to track down a group of rogue mercenaries suspected of training rebel forces planning a coup. His brief is to observe, but when he witnesses a horrific atrocity, he breaks a cardinal rule and decides to mete his own brand of justice. Breaking mission rules has its own consequences however, and Zeb finds himself being hunted by friend and foe.

Zeb is good at the killing game. Just how good is he at dying?

The Reluctant Warrior

Broker and his crew are hunting a mole in the FBI. They are also hunting a missing father. As if there isn’t enough on their plate, a criminal gang is hunting them. But, it’s the assassin on their tail they should be paying attention to.

The Warrior Code

Zeb Carter wants to be left alone and heads to the Wyoming wilderness for some much deserved R&R. Fate has other plans, however, when it puts twins Beth and Meghan Petersen, and the assassins hunting them, in his path.

This time he’s on his own – no crew, no back-up, nothing but his Glock between living and dying.

The Warrior’s Debt

A vicious serial killer unlike any other, is stalking the citizens of New York and in desperation the NYPD turns to Zeb Carter for help.

However, even Zeb’s skills and experience get him nowhere. The serial killer is always one step ahead and the body count rises. Zeb hopes the killer makes a mistake. The killer, however, already has Zeb Carter on his radar.

The killer has turned hunter. Zeb Carter is prey.

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‘Ty Patterson’s thrillers should come with a health warning: Highly Addictive’

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