The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter The Complete Collection (Parts 1-6)

Written by Jennifer Malone Wright

Chloe Kallistrate is a Vampire Hunter.
Born from the blood of angels and gods, she finds that being a Hunter isn’t something youlearn, it is something you are … whether you like it or not.

After losing her mother one horrible night, she is thrust into a world ofvampires and those that hunt them, a world where she isn’t sure shebelongs. Tragedy forced this life on her, but the answers she seeksabout her mother lie in the grandfather she’s never met before.
The trouble is, what she discovers could mean that she has to kill the very thing that created her.

  • The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter is a novella series with six parts.
  • The Arcadia Falls Chronicles (Currently ten books) is the continuation ofThe Vampire Hunter’s Daughter story and contains the same characters, as well as following the same story line.



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