The Trinity: A Dark Fantasy Gamelit Novel (Dungeon Core Book 3)

Written by MJ Kaltenbrunner

Mertho has grown as a dungeon core since defeating the demoness, Veluthra. And with increased power came renown in the lands outside of Aklago, and also in realms unknown to mere mortals. Such widespread fame brings potential danger, however.

Forces unknown are lurking in the peripheries of the mortal world, seeking out the power the now famous dungeon core possesses. As intrigue mounts and new powers and lore are slowly discovered, a whole new dimension of wonder and treachery awaits Mertho and his beautiful allies.

Tehra the wily undead elven thief, and Gaynor the reborn visage of angelic beauty stand firmly by the wizard’s side. They will prove to be much more than they at first appeared. Can their deep, simultaneous connection with Mertho be reconciled as they fight for his affections? Will these three powerful entities become much more than the sum of their individual selves?

Shall the Trinity be formed?!

BEWARE! This book contains explicit, harem-style action between enticing beings not of the mortal realm, typically only found in your wildest dreams!



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