The Timeless Tale of Peter Able (The Peter Able series Book 2)

Written by Natalie Grigson
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

The Timeless Tale picks up just where Book One left off – give or take a few blurry months for our characters while the author did other things.

You see, Peter lives in the land of Fiction itself. Now our (ex-boy wizard) protagonist must grapple with the idea of changing his story, as he’s presented with a rare and dangerous object straight from the Real World: his own backstory.

As his Conflict unfolds, you’ll be taken to mysterious lands like Nonfiction, you’ll come across a villain far more horrifying than that other guy (seriously, DON’T say his name); and you may even fall in love. Journey into this world beyond the page – and be sure to hold in your Inner Dialogue.



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