The Theory Of Second Best: Cake Series Book Two

Written by J. Bengtsson
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Praise for The Theory of Second Best

“I loved the theme of the “other” brother – the one who ended up being a bystander to his brother’s tragedy – the one who walks away wounded even though he wasn’t the one injured – the one who ends up living as a bystander to his own life. This is a great story of healing and learning to live again.” – A.C.
“It was so wonderful to read a HEA story with normal people.” – Kelly
“The funny banter and innuendo during the adventure on the island was BRILLIANT! I listened at night, when I couldn’t sleep and nearly woke up the entire house laughing. I had to bury my face into a pillow lol.” – Sandra
“I was really skeptic about the whole reality show… but the story was very well written and I wanted more. Couldn’t put this book down.” – A. Fro
“I enjoyed both books in the series, however this one made me chuckle more often.” – Nate W.

-A brother who lives his life in the shadows of greatness-

Kyle McKallister is the younger brother to one of the world’s most elusive and embattled celebrities. He has carved out a comfortable existence touring with his famous brother and living in the lap of luxury with no commitments or plans of his own, only a deep, haunting loyalty to his brother. But Kyle’s life is about to be shaken up when the opportunity comes to compete on a popular reality show.

-A sister who sets aside her dreams for the ones she loves-

Small town girl Kenzie Williams has come on the show for one thing only: to win. But when a disastrous start forces her to rely on an eclectic band of misfits, she finds herself immediately smitten with a handsome and mysterious cast mate.

-Pushed together by circumstance, two outcasts find love-

But life on the island is just a game. Can Kyle and Kenzie’s fragile spark survive the pressures of the real world?



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