The Swirl Resort Collection: Races Mixing

Written by Olivia Hampshire

Swirling, Expensive, Interracial Romance

Christine, a gorgeous blond from Birmingham, Alabama had an Aunt Stephie. In the 60’s, Aunt Stephie was found pregnant and with her Black boyfriend on the outskirts of Birmingham. A mob hunted them down, put a rope around Stephie’s boyfriend’s neck, hung him up in a tree and watched him take his last breath. The mob beat Stephie to near death and left her for dead.

Stephie left the USA with her infant son Robert, moving to Europe where she opened an establish of interracial love. A fine resort where people of different races, particularly wealthy white women, visited to enjoy the company if black male escorts that Stephie searched the world to find. All of them handsome, well educated, well traveled and of course, well endowed with other physical attributes.

Christine met Jerome, an M.B.A. Grad, studly black man from Indianapolis at Stephie resort in Europe. They left Europe, in love and together to open their own establishment in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. They call it, “The Swirl Resort.”

Extremely wealthy women from all over the world pay tens of thousands of dollars to share time, conversation, companion ship and sex with the escorts Christine and Jerome have available at, “The Swirl Resort.”

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